On Saturday 18th October, five cadets attended an annual camp to RAF Henlow. The camp lasted a week and the cadets had a very good time making new friends and learning about the history of it’s station and some of the careers that available in the RAF.

On the first full day, we had a brief from the Station Commander about the camp and the range activities that we would be participating in. After the brief we left the station to go flying at 5AEF at RAF Wyton. Unfortunately, only half the cadets on camp managed to go flying due to the poor weather conditions with one cadet luckily getting a whole hour because it was the pilots last flight. However the other half went to the Imperial War Museum Duxford, we spent the the rest of the day there until we had to head back for tea at the station.

The Junior Ranks Mess where the cadets ate was called Crystals and we had our breakfast, lunch and tea there. The food was good there and the pack lunches that they provided us were nice, very healthy too I must say.
The rest of the week we did various activities such as RAF fitness test at the stations sports centre, to doing the “pit stop challenge” where you were a team of two and you had to replace a tyre by unscrewing some bolts, taking the tyre off, putting it back on in the fastest time possible. The other activities that we participating in were bowling, sports, fieldcraft, night ex etc.

During the middle of the week, we went to the American War Cemetery a few miles from Cambridge. When we arrived we formed up as a camp to do our minute silence at the memorial before we were given a tour around the cemetery. While we were there we learnt about the history of some of the people who were buried. Also at the cemetery, there was a wall of the missing which had around four to five thousand people’s names on the wall and whenever they found the body they’d mark the name with a star at the end you can see the wall on the left on the photo above the article.
Towards the end of the week we had a drill competition and we did everyones swimming proficiencies. Fortunately, we only had time to do basic and intermediate proficiencies in which, cadets Olsen, Mcphee, Bradshaw and Liquorish all passed their basic and intermediate with flying colours.

Overall I thought it was a great camp and I recommend going on the camp in future.
Cpl Kieran Meade