The Air Training Corps offer seven main sports to their cadets which enables them to foster a competitive spirit and portray excellent sportsmanship at squadron, wing and regional competitions. These sports are swimming, hockey, cross country, athletics, netball, football and rugby. Over the past two weeks, 1947 Squadron has been busy with two of these seven events.

Saturday 4th October saw the annual South and East Midlands Wing inter-squadron swimming competition take place at Beechdale swimming centre Nottingham. 1947 Squadron had 16 cadets partake in the competition, resulting in one of the largest representations of the squadron at any sporting event. Out of the 29 squadrons in the Wing, 1947 Squadron proudly came third overall and also saw the squadron’s senior boys team gaining first place in their category.

Due to their excellent performance at the Wing swimming event, FS Ventola and Sgt Tang of 1947 squadron were selected to represent the Wing at Central and East Region’s inter-wing swimming competition which took place at Royal Air Force College Cranwell on Sunday 12th October. South and East Midlands Wing claimed a respectable overall second place at the event; with the senior boys team in which FS Ventola and Sgt Tang were part of, also coming second in this category.

A week prior to the Regional swimming event; was the Central and East Region’s inter-wing open girls hockey competition. Sgt Gask, Cpl Liquorish, Cdt Fox and Cdt Gask of 1947 Squadron were selected to represent the Wing. The Wing came fourth overall which was highly celebrated taking into account that the Wing team were undoubtedly young and inexperienced.

With all these sporting achievements from 1947 Squadron; the squadron has clearly showed great enthusiasm to achieve beyond expectation; as said by the OC of 1947 Squadron, Flt Lt Gaskell, we have “…put ourselves on the map.” We would like to congratulate not only the cadets mentioned above but also to all those who took part to fuel the Squadron’s success.




Top left (from left to right): Cpl Liquorish, Sgt Gask, Cdt Gask and Cdt Fox at the Region’s open girls hockey.
Top right: A selection of the medals won at the Region swimming event.