April held the greatest challenge for our cadets with regards to their Nijmegen training. On the 26 April South and East Midlands wing road marching team took their first step on what was a very long and tiring 50 mile march. It was an early 04:30 start in preparation for the Warma march, with the march due to start at 07:00 there was just enough time for breakfast before they started the day. Waterproofs packed, 1500 military personnel set out. Each team was high on morale as the 25 mile march started with singing and chanting from every team as South and East Mids raced by.

The weather got hotter and hotter during the day making it harder to march, the team did well to keep up the pace and morale through the hot weather. Nearing the end of day one, when people’s feet were starting to blister and their backs were starting to ache, a short down pour of rain hit the teams. In some way it was refreshing, although it only lasted a few minutes before The final stretch of road through RAF Cosford was the hardest, knowing how close you were to finishing for the day but aching so much very difficult but marching back onto the parade square with the band welcoming the cadets was a proud moment.

Day two, another 25 miles to march, and another 04:30 start. Today, all cadets were tired and feeling the pains of the day before. This day seemed to pass by a lot quicker than the first day, even through the aches and pains. There was no rain on the second day, just another hot day for marching however the songs were louder than ever and the team kept every bodies morale up high, urging each other to not give up as they drew closer and closer to the finish line. Marching back to RAF Cosford was great, every body had such a high sense of achievement and a proud look on their faces as they neared the finish line. Approaching the drill square that they started in, 50 miles ago, the cadets heads were held high as they marched over the finish line. Applauds from the other teams were immense and they sent a shiver down your spine.

After the march was finished it was time for the medals and awards to be given out. Each cadet who had completed the Warma march received the Warma March medal from Flt Lt Mayoh-Smith, which each cadet accepted gratefully. Another award that was handed out was the team award, this was presented to Sgt Gask, 1947 Birstall Squadron.
That was it another training session over, another step closer Nijmegen in July. Well done to every cadet from across the wing who took part in the march.