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The squadron take to the skies

On the 11th July 5 cadets from 1947 Squadron attended Royal Air Force College Cranwell for a day of Flying.

The cadets were flown by qualified pilots in the Grob Tutor light aircraft, they were taught how to control the aircraft and some even performed some aerobatics over the airfield. All of the cadets thoroughly enjoyed the experience and made the most of the fantastic weather… Read the rest

Birstall Gala

Cadets and Staff from the squadron attended the Birstall annual Gala which was held during the weekend of the 27th to 28th Jun.

The team ran a stall with activities ranging from Face Painting, Cargo Net Racing; Beat the buzzer and many other games and activities. The weekend weather was kind to the team and I think the Staff and Cadets all enjoyed the Gala.

The aim of the weekend from the Squadrons point of view was initially to recruit both Cadets and Staff into the Air Training Corps. This was accomplished by the handing out of leaflets and general interfacing with members of the public.… Read the rest

Autumn camp to RAF Henlow

On Saturday 18th October, five cadets attended an annual camp to RAF Henlow. The camp lasted a week and the cadets had a very good time making new friends and learning about the history of it’s station and some of the careers that available in the RAF.

On the first full day, we had a brief from the Station Commander about the camp and the range activities that we would be participating in. After the brief we left the station to go flying at 5AEF at RAF Wyton. Unfortunately, only half the cadets on camp managed to go flying due to the poor weather conditions with one cadet luckily getting a whole hour because it was the pilots last flight.… Read the rest

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Two Weeks Of Sporting Success

The Air Training Corps offer seven main sports to their cadets which enables them to foster a competitive spirit and portray excellent sportsmanship at squadron, wing and regional competitions. These sports are swimming, hockey, cross country, athletics, netball, football and rugby. Over the past two weeks, 1947 Squadron has been busy with two of these seven events.

Saturday 4th October saw the annual South and East Midlands Wing inter-squadron swimming competition take place at Beechdale swimming centre Nottingham. 1947 Squadron had 16 cadets partake in the competition, resulting in one of the largest representations of the squadron at any sporting event.… Read the rest

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Adventure Training in the Lake District

On the week commencing Sunday 19th October, 9 cadets from the squadron embarked on a week of Adventure Training in Windermere, Lake District. The camp was open to all squadrons in the South & East midlands however 1947 (Birstall) Squadron had the biggest representation of cadets, an amazing achievement considering the size of the squadron.

The week began with all cadets participating in a Hill Walk to School Knott, a local hill in Windermere. The hill walking pushed their navigation skills to the test and taught them about the environment and built upon their skills in the hills.

Following this, cadets spent 2 days; split into Morning and Afternoon to try various Adventure Training activities.… Read the rest

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Battle of Britain Parade Leicester 2014

On Sunday 21st September 2014, 19 members of 1947 (Birstall) squadron took part in the Battle of Britain in Leicester in commemoration of all the RAF personnel who played a part in tackling German invasion in 1940 during World War Two.

All cadet and staff members represented the squadron and the Air Training Corps excellently, marching smartly in step along side cadets and officers from various squadrons around Leicester and also representatives from the Royal Air Force Association and the Royal British Legion.

A brief service took place at the cenotaph at Victoria Park in which FS Ventola of 1947 Sqn held the squadron banner.… Read the rest

Cpl Joinson’s Flying Scholarship

On Saturday 19th April I started my flying scholarship at Leicester Airport with the Leicester Aero Club. My lesson started by completing the external checks of the aircraft to make sure the aircraft was in good shape and there wasn’t any problems with it so I could fly. I then climbed into the aircraft did some pre- flight checks and then I was underway with the flying.

I started with some taxiing up and down the runways using the rudder pedals and brakes to turn in between the lines. We then went and did the pre flight checks before we took off.… Read the rest

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Cadets venture to RAF Cosford

April held the greatest challenge for our cadets with regards to their Nijmegen training. On the 26 April South and East Midlands wing road marching team took their first step on what was a very long and tiring 50 mile march. It was an early 04:30 start in preparation for the Warma march, with the march due to start at 07:00 there was just enough time for breakfast before they started the day. Waterproofs packed, 1500 military personnel set out. Each team was high on morale as the 25 mile march started with singing and chanting from every team as South and East Mids raced by.… Read the rest


On 22nd and 23rd March 4 of our Birstall cadets took part in another Nijmegen training session , this time in Derby. The 2 days consisted of a 25 mile march on the first day, followed by a 15 mile march in the second.

As the cadets set off for their first day of marching the weather was beautiful, and spirits were high, the sun stayed out for most of that day with just a quick shower during the afternoon, which made everybody grab their coats and waterproofs. The team spirit did not go down and everyone was still singing and keeping the team morale up.  … Read the rest

Presentation Evening Awards

On December 5th 2013 the squadron had it’s annual presentation evening at The Royal British Legion. This evening was open to cadets and their family members who all attended to watch their children or grandchildren achieve some amazing awards.

To begin with the staff introduced themselves and explained what there roles were on the squadron. They then proceeded to the presentations which consisted of Flt Sgt Ventola achieving the best attendance on the squadron for 2013, Sgt Gask receiving the award for the best NCO of the year and Sgt Glassford was awarded with the best shot on the squadron for her achievements in target shooting. … Read the rest

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