On Saturday 19th April I started my flying scholarship at Leicester Airport with the Leicester Aero Club. My lesson started by completing the external checks of the aircraft to make sure the aircraft was in good shape and there wasn’t any problems with it so I could fly. I then climbed into the aircraft did some pre- flight checks and then I was underway with the flying.

I started with some taxiing up and down the runways using the rudder pedals and brakes to turn in between the lines. We then went and did the pre flight checks before we took off. When we were up in the air and clear of the airfield and other aircraft I took control and began learning the effects of controls. I started off with pitching and keeping the aircraft straight so I wasn’t ascending or descending. Following on from that I did some rolls with just the control stick which swung the aircraft around a lot so then I needed to add some yawing to stop the secondary effect. We did this all the way towards Corby and Kettering.

On the way back we looked at other controls and how they effect the flight. Increasing the throttle (power) will make the pitch increase and the aircraft will go up. Changing the trim will take balance the control stick out so you can fly automatically straight without the aircraft pitching up or down. Changing the degrees of the flaps will change the pitch of the aircraft.

I then finished off with a flyby over my house in Birstall. Overall i got 2 hours 15 minutes of flying done and it was very tiring but very enjoyable as well.


Cpl Ben Joinson

1947 (Birstall) Sqn