On 22nd and 23rd March 4 of our Birstall cadets took part in another Nijmegen training session , this time in Derby. The 2 days consisted of a 25 mile march on the first day, followed by a 15 mile march in the second.

As the cadets set off for their first day of marching the weather was beautiful, and spirits were high, the sun stayed out for most of that day with just a quick shower during the afternoon, which made everybody grab their coats and waterproofs. The team spirit did not go down and everyone was still singing and keeping the team morale up.  Before they knew it the sun was back out and it was lunch time. After lunch was the return journey back to 126 (City of Derby) squadron, where the cadets were met with a nice hot roast dinner kindly cooked for them.

Day two was an early start, and the cadets set off at around 09:00 for a long day of marching ahead of them. The weather was extremely nice for all of the second day and the cadets were all still very motivated to finish off the 40 miles. This second day passed by with ease and all cadets were happy and singing marching songs to keep the morale high. The second day was finally finishes after around 7 hours of marching that day. A total of around 16 hours marching through out the weekend.

All cadets that completed the weekend march in Derby should be very proud of themselves as they are working very hard to achieve their goals of completing Nijmegen in the summer. Congratulations to all cadets from all squadrons taking part. One step closer now and ready to complete the 25 mile march at Newton squadron in a few weeks time.