First classFor the First Class Cadet badge, you must be enrolled and must have completed the full syllabus of subjects. The First Class Cadet examination is made up of seven subjects. These are: Map Reading, Initial Expedition Training, History of the RAF, History of the ATC, History of Flight and Airmanship I, The rifle and Communications.
  LeadingFo the Leading Cadet badge, you must have akready taken and passed the First Class Cadet examination and completed the full syllabus for the Leading Cadet examinations while having done at least 25 hours of project work. There are three subjects to study for the Leading Cadet exam: Basic Navigation, Principles of Flight and Airmanship II.
  SeniorFor the Senior Cadet badge, cadets must have taken and passed the Leading Cadet examination and completed the full syllabus for the Senior Cadet examination, while having done 25 hours or more of project work. A cadet has to choose two subjects for this exam from the following four: Aircraft Navigation, Propulsion, Aircraft Handling and Advanced Radio and Radar.
  Master Air CadetTo be eligible to wear the Master Cadet badge, a cadet must have been appointed as a Senior Class Cadet, be at least 16 years old and have completed 3 more subjects from the following: Air Navigation, Aircraft Handling, Piston Propulsion, Jet Propulsion, Rocketry, Airframes, Avionics & Aircraft Electrical Systems, Air Power, Pilot Navigation, Air Power, Data Communications, Advanced Radio & Radar
  Instructor cadetTo be eligible for this classification a current Staff Cadet Part 1 or new Master Air Cadet will have to complete a Cadet Methods of Instruction Course and be assessed delivering a lesson in a training environment. Cadets may wear both the Master Air Cadet badge and the yellow lanyard, provided that they have met the requirements of both. Minimum age will be 16 years
  Staff cadetCadets who have reached the age of 18 years and are continuing cadet service will wear an epaulette slide with the words ‘Staff Cadet’ together with their rank badge.