When you join the atc you will get two different shirts. One being light blue (shown on right) also know as ‘wedgewood blues,’ and another being dark blue known as ‘working blues.’ Most of the time you will be wearing ‘working blues’ as a cadet unless you go to some sort of formal activity where a smarter look is required, then you would have to wear ‘wedgewood blues.’With the ‘wedgewood blues’ you are required to wear a tie (don’t worry you will be issued with a tie as well) for a more smarter look. Details on how to tie the windsor knot can be found below.

How do I Iron and look after my uniform?

Knowing how to look after your uniform is always a good place to start once you have been issued with it! You will need to look after your uniform in order to keep it clean and in good condition. So don’t leave your uniform lying on your bedroom floor!

Ironing your uniform is very easy. All you have to do is iron the creases out of your uniform! Well except from some! For the shirts there should be one sharp crease from the shoulder down to the cuffs on both arms. The rest of the shirt should be crease free!

How to tie a windsor knot

When you wear your wedgewood uniform for the first time, you will have to wear a black tie. But this tie is no ordinary tie, it is called the windsor knot and is demonstrated on the image on the right. This tie is a thick, wide and triangular knot which looks a lot smarter than your normal school tie. Click on the image to enlarge.

Parade shoes

Where do I get my boots and parade shoes from?

There are many places from where you can purchase your boots and parade shoes. If you are looking to order on line you can visit and order from there. If you wish to purchase them from a store nearby, there are army surplus stores in both Pontypridd and Caerphilly from which you can purchase these.

parade shoes


Tips on how to get shiny parade shoes

1.Use plain shoe polish instead of parade gloss. It requires a bit more work but it will give your boots or shoes a deeper shine.

2.Never leave your boots or shoes in direct sunlight, as it will degrade the shine. Store them in a cupboard or locker and keep them covered.

3.Running your boots or shoes under ice cold water and rubbing with cotton wool will remove any smears or oil left behind from polishing.