Grob Tutor

One of the air training corps unique activities is flying.

Cadets of all ages are able to experience Powered flight and perform their own aerobatic techniques under the instruction of Ex or Current RAF pilots. These are called Air Experience Flights or AEF for short.

On average a cadet should fly at least once per year. A cadet can experience an Air Experience Flight in many aircraft. During annual camps, some cadets get the experience of a lifetime by getting a flight in raf aircraft such as helicopter or if you’re really luck, a fighter jet! For more information on the Tutor, simply highlight ‘Grob Tutor’ and click the learn more button!

Flying Scholarship
The scheme awards 20 hours dual and 5 hours solo flying at your nearest civil flying school for free. Completion will see you awarded your flying scholarship badge. After that you are able to continue your instruction towards a PPL (Private Pilots Licence) at your own cost.