As a member or the atc you will get the chance to experience flight in two types of glider aircraft.

Vigilant The Grob Vigilant is a powered glider. This means that the aircraft has the capability to launch itself without the need for assistance to get airborne. Once the aircraft is airborne, i’t uses it’s long wings to glide. Click here to visit 634 voluntry gliding squadron at St Athan. For more information on the Vigilant, simply highlight ‘Grob Vigilant’ and click the learn more button!


Viking The Grob Viking is a winch launched glider. It has no engine so it can’t get airborne by itself. The winch quickly pulls the glider along the grass airfield until it gets airborne and then usually climbs to around 1,000 feet depending on the weather. After that the cable is released which gently floats back to earth using the parchute. Now you’re airborne and would expect to see around 10 minutes of flight. This is highly dependant on the weather conditions. For more information on the Viking, simply highlight ‘Grob Viking’ and click the learn more button!


Gliding wings

Blue – Gliding scholarship
Silver – Solo
Gold – Advanced